Patreon FAQ/TOS


What is is a subscription service, where you can select the amount you want to pledge to a creator each month in exchange for access to unique content & rewards. You can edit/cancel your pledge at any time. If you'd like more info about patreon check out this video.

What do I post?
I share a variety of post-types, but mostly with an artistic/creative angle. Most commonly Works In Progress (WIPs), Sketches, finished pieces and “Behind the scenes” posts about my processes and projects. I also sometimes make personal/diary type posts, and also sometimes I'll post about offers or commission which are available.

Post frequency:
I aim to post between 1 – 7 posts a week. If the notification emails are too much for you, you can turn them off/on in your email settings.

Video Posts:

I am still learning about making video posts, these aren't very regular at the moment but I intend to make them more so in time. My current aim is to post at least 1 video per month.

My videos are hosted on my youtube channel, but patron-only ones are hidden from public view, links for these must be accessed through Patreon posts. 


Welcome rewards:
These are offered once per supporter upon initial joining. Ending support then re-joining does not incur additional welcome rewards. Exceptions in the case of pledge upgrades may be considered on a per-supporter basis, and will only contain the difference between the two reward levels.


Welcome rewards are issued soon after subscription, then monthly rewards will start the following month.


Reoccurring (monthly/birthday) Rewards:

I make every effort to ensure I have the necessary details to be able to be able to fulfil your rewards in a timely fashion, but you can help by being on the ball. If for example, your birthday is coming up and you're due a sketch request, feel free to shoot me a message/email with your request in advance. Similarly if you're due a monthly sketch request, please keep an eye out for the relevant posts and leave your requests when asked to do so, so I will be able to complete your request.

Monthly sketch Digital sketch requests; at the start of each month I will make a post asking for people of the relevant tiers to leave their requests, with what tier they are, and I'll work my way through them throughout the month.


Sketch Raffle's will be held for certain tiers, I will ask for contributors of this level to comment with their requests, and I'll pick one at random.


PLEASE pay attention to these monthly reward posts, if you don't leave a request, I can't make the sketch for you.


These monthly sketch requests are NOT cumulative; you can only request once for the current month, if you missed a previous month you can't request double this time.


Postal rewards;

Will be completed and sent out as soon as possible, but if your reward contain a non-digital work of art, it may take a little longer to complete these. Please be patient and I'll do my best to keep you informed of progress.


If at any point you feel like I've missed a reward please message me and let me know & I'll do my best to rectify this.


If your reward tier includes free or discounted postage, please note that this is good for 1 redemption per month. If, for example you make 2 seperate purchases in a month and the first has already been shipped, you will have to wait for the next month's send-out to get free shipping. If you want your item sooner you will always have the option of paying for the additional postage.


Payment up front:

My campaign is set so that the first pledge is collected as soon as a pledge is made, then at the start of each month from then on. If you increase your pledge the difference will be charged immediately, if you reduce there is no refund on the difference for that month.



Since Patreon only offers a binary choice on addresses I've listed all rewards as requiring one (even though lower tier rewards may not technically need one). I have done this as I would like the chance to send you random gifts/rewards and such from time-to-time, and obviously can't do so if I don't have your address.

You have my assurance that I will never use your address for any other purpose, or disclose it to a third party. However, If you don't want to reveal your address that's fine. Please just fill the form in with something obviously fake (or write something like N/A) - I just wont be able to surprise you with anything. If you're happy for me to have your address but just don't want it stored on your Patreon account for whatever reason you can always email me and I'll make a note of it personally elsewhere.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your address on file is correct and accurate, as I cannot be held responsible for rewards lost in the post.



If you need to contact me you can find me on the following social networks;

Twitter: KatCardy

Facebook (personal): KatCardy